"Disclosure" isn't always transparent

Companies have a lot to say about themselves. They don't have to make it easy to understand. And the sheer volume of information produced by a modern corporation is enough to obscure what really matters.

We cut through all that

We spot subtle changes that signal significant developments. We translate dense legalese and dull boilerplate. We provide context using information that's often overlooked. And we customize our approach to meet the needs of your organization.

Think of us as your own corporate research bureau. 

Real insight for the real world

Disclosure Matters was founded by Theo Francis, who has more than a decade of experience as an award-winning financial and investigative journalist for The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and elsewhere. He specializes in mining public documents to understand and better interpret corporate behavior, and to help anticipate their actions and performance.

Now, with Disclosure Matters, Francis is seeking to make corporate disclosures more accessible to a wider audience, through research, training and consulting.